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David McCool

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Common Interest

Post  David McCool on Tue Nov 15 2011, 16:12

The Colour Canary was formed to bring together like minded people into one room to share a common Interest, The Hobby Of Colour Canaries

As in human nature we do not all have the same ideas in life, we are all different,but on here we share that one thing,Colour Canaries and the forum wishes to keep it this way.

You are invited to join in the chat, ask your canary questions and give your view point on colour canaries, this has been the strenght of the forum with membership growing steady and posts more regular.

We do ask in order to keep the forum moving forward, to refrain from any personal remarks to our fellow members, keep them colour canary related! Anyone who does not abide by these simple rules will be removed as a member.

Please enjoy, learn and share your experiences with your birds on here, this is what we are all here for.[b][i]

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