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Hi I'm new here :)



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Hi I'm new here :)

Post  Dayna1805 on Wed Jan 29 2014, 15:00

My name is dayna Smile I'm 24 years old and I breed canaries Smile
I have had 2 clutches last year from 2 pairs (first time breeder) I now have 5 pairs and some spare hens and cocks Smile
I'm looking for a Gloster Hen preferably around Nottinghamshire area - I lost my hen 2 days ago Sad
The cock I have is a yellow consort (I think) he has like a cap over his eyes - so I'm wondering which is the best hen to put with him??
Also I'm looking for a red diamorphic cock - I have been given a hen but needing a cock for breeding season Smile
Also looking for a Intensive red factor cock Smile

Also I'm starting to show soon so where can I find out about shows in the Nottinghamshire area?? Thank you in advance - also how do I tell if my birds are show quality? Is there a book or websites I can use Smile xx

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Re: Hi I'm new here :)

Post  AYDIN on Wed Jan 29 2014, 16:06

Just join a local Cage Bird Society. There will be plenty of Gloster Breeders.
Red devil

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Re: Hi I'm new here :)

Post  Red devil on Wed Jan 29 2014, 17:27

Hi Dayna1805 and welcome to the Colour Canary Forum.
I agree with Aydin try and find a local cage bird society this is a valuable place to start learning about the wider range of canaries.
and there will always be someone on hand to give you advice about your birds and a route to take to improve them.
Maybe someone in your area will suggest some clubs you could join.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Hi I'm new here :)

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