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Post  canaryman on Fri Jan 09 2015, 10:25

Morning all,
I am a new member to the forum.
I have kept canaries on and off for 15years.
At present I have Norwich, Fifes & a couple of Red Factor Cocks. (bought as a pair but turned out to be 2 cocks!)
I paired one of the Reds to a small Norwich hen last year and bred 11 from the pair.
I have kept 2 good coloured hens from the pair and sold the rest on.
I am hoping to get hold of another pair or 2 of Reds
I will be pairing my redfactor/norwich back to red factors this year.


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Post  perry on Fri Jan 09 2015, 10:29

hi canaryman welcome to the forum . regards perry .
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Post  ste1960 on Fri Jan 09 2015, 10:59

Welcome to the forum.
I've received some great advice on here and it's a great place to share ideas.


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