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    Hi, new to form,



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    Hi, new to form,

    Post  milkman on Thu Feb 19 2015, 01:48

    my name is Ricky, bought my first two pair of canaries, an opal pair and red factor pair. do red factor males sing, mine has not,

    Outlaw Pete

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    Re: Hi, new to form,

    Post  Outlaw Pete on Thu Feb 19 2015, 13:20

    Early days yet, Ricky bounce My birds aren't singing much yet. But, if I play them a drop of R. Dean Taylor, they all get into that whole, Northern Soul thing.


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    Post  sam1979 on Thu Feb 19 2015, 16:51

    Welcome milkman if you have just got the pairs it my take a week or two for them to settle in
    And then they will start lol

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    Re: Hi, new to form,

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