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welcome chris swansea

David McCool
David McCool

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welcome chris swansea Empty welcome chris swansea

Post  David McCool on Fri Oct 16 2009, 15:43

hi chris and welcome to the forum.
please take time to introduce yourself
david r
david r
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welcome chris swansea Empty Re: welcome chris swansea

Post  david r on Sat Oct 17 2009, 12:04

welcome to the forum chris.
Breeders Group

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welcome chris swansea Empty Re: welcome chris swansea

Post  Chris_Swansea on Sun Oct 18 2009, 12:37

Hi all
I have kept birds most of my life (Now 45yrs Old), but have had reds since I was about 12yrs old, which at that time was more to not have the same birds as my father who kept and showed borders, but who now also keeps reds.

I have had a few years off in-between, but never got rid of any equipment knowing the hobby would pull me back at some time, I am involved with three local clubs and if not as a club officer as a committee member.

My 14 yr old son is now also my partner, and we have about 150 birds including a small number of British, but the reds are our main love.


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welcome chris swansea Empty Re: welcome chris swansea

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