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Importanttttttt !!!! Pleaseeee help


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Importanttttttt !!!! Pleaseeee help Empty Importanttttttt !!!! Pleaseeee help

Post  Cilia on Sat Mar 30 2013, 17:43

I had a pair of canaries with 3 babies and the female escape I still have the male and he used to feed the babies with the female.. Will he still feed the babies ?? Sad i dont want the babies to die they are 2weeks old... Pleaseee help
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Importanttttttt !!!! Pleaseeee help Empty Re: Importanttttttt !!!! Pleaseeee help

Post  zipdogso on Sat Mar 30 2013, 18:20

With luck..the cock may continue to feed the chicks especially at the stage of development they are.If he already isn't feeding them I am afraid there is not much hope, chicks weaken quickly without constant supply of food. It might help if you give the chicks a supplementary feed, use a small 1 or 5 ml syringe (no needle.) ask in a chemist they will help you if you explain what you want it for.
you then need some baby bird food you need one without bits in it which will block the syringe nozzle it needs to make a smooth wet paste. The petshop should help you. I dont know where you are in Malta but I know there is quite a lot pet shops for a little island. I have been to the IL-Mincott shop in San Gwann.
Dont totally give up on the hen she may come back unless she finds a good source of food or the stray cats get her....
Red devil
Red devil

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Post  Red devil on Sat Mar 30 2013, 23:53

Zip is quite correct but unless you know what you are doing I would recommend using a match stick to feed the babies with.
What I would do is mix some softfood so that it is quite wet then use the match stick to place the food in the chicks beaks
Doing it this way you shouldn't put to much in the beak at any one time, once you have gained some experience using a shringe will become much easier to perform.

I hope this helps.
Pete Kettle

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Post  Pete Kettle on Sun Mar 31 2013, 14:30

Failing that, have you other canaries with chicks of the same age/size ?
If so, as there are only three chicks, "split them up and farm them out" to other pairs
preferably different colours/mutations to theirs. If you have no different colours or mutations,
make a written note of their rings, or failing that, fit them with plastic split rings.
Anyway, all the best, and good luck.

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Importanttttttt !!!! Pleaseeee help Empty Re: Importanttttttt !!!! Pleaseeee help

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