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A Thank You


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A Thank You Empty A Thank You

Post  John_Graydon on Wed Oct 30 2013, 18:11

Im so proud of the members of the ECCC. Our 3rd show & our 1st on our own was a complete success with only minor details that could be improved on. This will make our 4th show even better.

1st of all I would like to Thank Tony Hutchinson for coming over and for doing a fantastic job, you can see by all the photos that he really enjoyed himself. With exceeding our estimated birds benched he got the job done in quick time & before the darkness came in. It was the the day after the clocks went back so the hour was taking its toll on the light. Well done Tony & Thanks for Donating the show cage for best Novice.

Like to thank our Show Secretary Niall Meehan. This was Nialls 2nd year doing the entrys and you would think he was doing it for 10 years the way he was able to manage the software programme for the show. Thanks Niall & here is to the next 10 years... Very Happy
Niall also done our work for the new staging, what a nice piece of work Niall & we will keep you busy for next year.

I would like to thank Billy Kelly & Family for the Lovely Sandwiches & supply of the Burko for or Tea & Coffee.
The wonderful Presidents Prize for Best Lipochrome exhibit.
I also seen Billy giving a hand dismantling the staging and sweeping the floor. Where did you get the energy Billy & I hope I can do the same when I reach your age.

Would like to thank Mr Bond aka 007 for the workmanship in the building & donating the of our  Judging stand.
Well done & We owe you a pint or 2.. Thanks.

Would also like to thank Dave O Halloran & friend for doing the security on the Saturday night.
Hope you enjoyed your breakfast this year  Laughing  Hope the spirits didn't keep you awake all night. Twisted Evil

Our Raffle was a great success, making €200 for the club so would like to thank all the shops, members & public for donating gifts & also like to thank all who purchased tickets, Well done & thank you all.

Would like to thank David Ramsey for bring birds down from the North & for helping out with Nigel Keys at the show.
Well done to you both. Hope we can return the favour.

Like to thank all who put up the staging and who stayed back to take it down & load it into the vans, swept up etc,
you know who you are. So thank you for your time & effort, and for making it safe. Ray C for removing & storing it.

Like to thank the committee for a great job done at the show with no accidents or missing items and for keeping a good eye out. The crowd exceeded our expectations so it was great to see so much buzz around. Well done.

Like to thank Robby Mitchell for looking after Tony, Collecting him from the Airport, booking him into B&B and bringing him to Show on the morning and also getting him back to the Airport on Sunday. And also getting him a proper Guinness.... alien 

Finally our Show Manager (Hillie) Noel Hillard
What a job he done. I never seen anyone do so much work for a club in all my life. Only for Noel we would have no show hall as it was Noel who went out searching & viewing potential venues. Im sure you will all agree the hall was perfect.
Not only that, he also collect staging from Cork to Dublin back to Portlaoise. Ordered & Collected Trophies. Went on the scrounge for prizes for the raffle, went shopping for timber & bolts for the staging. Made sandwiches & got the coffee tea, biscuits, etc that we all ate at the show. He also helped erecting the staging and taking it down, also on the Monday went back to the hall & collected Swords staging and gave the Hall another going over & left it as we got it. Well done Noel & hope your not burned out... Very Happy

Well I think that that, sorry if I left anyone out but you all done a fantastic job and if we are all here again next year im sure it can only get better. give yourselves a big pat on the back.

Oh & finally to all who gave me stick on the Sunday saying "Ah you finally made it at this time"
I only organised the Typing out of the new full schedule, Printed it out, posted it to all our members,
Organised Rosettes, collected them. Collect another members birds & returned them on the sunday.
I could go on & on..... Laughing Laughing  Laughing  alien 

Looking forward to next year already, with more updates to the Rules & Schedule And many more upgrades.

John Graydon Club Secretary

John Graydon Secretary Eire Colour Canary Club

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Paul Bright
Paul Bright

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A Thank You Empty Re: A Thank You

Post  Paul Bright on Wed Oct 30 2013, 18:39

It sounds like you have a mighty fine club , with plenty of helping hands cheers cheers cheers 
Robby Mitchell
Robby Mitchell

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A Thank You Empty Re: A Thank You

Post  Robby Mitchell on Wed Oct 30 2013, 19:02

Yeah well done to all, its amazing to see how far this club has come on in such a short space of time, the hall looked great and the work put in by everyone was exceptional.I will look forward to hearing the show manager at the agm with his points for next year as he will find it hard to improve on.Was very impressed by Niall as well nothing bothered him and the system he uses is excellent.I think John thanked everyone but if wasnt for John this club wouldnt have started up so he must take a pat on the back as well as if anyone has probelms John keeps us all on track, Well another show and year has passed looking forward to the acs now to meet up with friends new and old and hopefully the irish birds can do as well last year.

Robby Mitchell Treasurer E.C.C.C.

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Up and Coming Champion

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A Thank You Empty Re: A Thank You

Post  hillie on Thu Oct 31 2013, 12:22

John i think you have thanked almost everyone,but my personal THANK YOU will have to go to dermot and shean for making the trip on saturday morning to erect the staging with the help of billy kelly at 82 years of age would put most men to shame with his entuasim. Sean for the donation of the judges bench and offering to store staging at no cost to the club but a THANK YOU. mick burke and dean for the benching of birds on Saturday night.
A few issues on the day but were sorted,and a few more to take to the A.G.M. Niall had everything under control behind the scenes in his little corner alltho you could see the stress levels rise with the reclasing of some birds late in the day  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes John graydon for the patience of a saint and the endless hours behind the phone and keyboard a big well done to you to im sure there is much more to add but with yourself being so humble and not wishing to embarrass you a BIG well done and keep up the good work
Tony our judge on the day was a true professional and when asked to have a late dinner he carried on,and when he returned to the show hall his duties continued with the presentations,the poor man on his feet all day and then shipped of to return home by Robbie mitchelle
One of the biggest achievements on the day, and one i have fought ,for the last 3 years is for members from the north of IRELAND to exhibit in the south and with 51 birds to come across the border a increase from 1 to 3 exhibitors , with david ramsey and nigel keys making the 8 hour round trip and taking home 8 spesials and awards between them,hopefully this will be the start of things to come, there will also be a van to take birds up north to limovadey this year so get your birds booked in early.
Novice stuarts on the day Ray conway and Dean roach, champion stuarts David Ramsey and Nigel Keys a few problems acoured in both novice and champion birds this will have to be taken up at a A.G.M .
THERE WAS NO EXPENSE SPARED BY THE CLUB this year to make our first solo show a success and it showed with all as the amount of well done and grate show was on everyones lips. it by far exceeded all expectations with nearly 300 birds benched with extra staging on loan from Swords C.B.S. to carter for the large increase in birds it was not long before that was full as well,and exibotors travelling from all corners of IRELAND to show there birds they are a credit to each and every one of you.
After wishing the last of the exhibitors a safe journey home apon returning to the hall to see so many members pulling together with the dismantling of staging,sweeping an general tiding of the hall i have a feeling some new bonds were made and bridges built Laughing Laughing but it was grate to see
my job on Monday was made so much easier as misses Mc nmara who had put a womans touch to everything and the only thing was to return tables to classes,staging and rubbish(thank you woman (mary) )
here is to looking foward to next year, most of us know what lies ahead  Very Happy  Very Happy ,so to keep the presure on get it sorted early

noel hilliard

NIALL IM STILL WAITING ON THAT PAPER WORK TO SORT OUT THE POINTS please dont have me to ring you twise a day  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing if i have left your name out please do not be offended,THANK YOU TO ALL
Pete Kettle

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A Thank You Empty Re: A Thank You

Post  Pete Kettle on Thu Oct 31 2013, 18:38

And another thank you !
Hi all, just to repeat all the praise given by John, Hillie and co, following the ECCC show at Portlaoise over the weekend.
It was a grand effort by all concerned, with almost too many to be named individually, such was the effort put in to make it a real "team-work" event. It was difficult to believe that this was only the 3rd annual show, and the first "solo" event, as it ran so smoothly.
Obviously it was a very long day, with a lot crammed into a one day show, but in all, it seemed to go really well.
On Sunday's showing, I believe that the ECCC will go from strength to strength over the next few years, and are already a club to be proud of. I cannot wait to get up and running with my own birds, and become more involved, rather than just being a spectator as I was this time round. I was made to feel very welcome by the club, and enjoyed meeting a few of the lads. I wish there had been more time to become acquainted, but that was not to be, as everyone was sticking to doing their tasks so well. Always next time !
My only regret was the fact that my home in Mayo is so far out in "the sticks", which meant a really long drive either way (the missed turn on the way home didn't help either). But it was all worth it.
Anyway, once again, well done to all involved. Everyone deserves to be congratulated on a really great effort.

Pete Kettle.

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A Thank You Empty Re: A Thank You

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