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CORK club points 2014

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CORK club points 2014 Empty CORK club points 2014

Post  hillie on Wed Nov 05 2014, 23:26

What a disappointment this must have being for the cork commitey or for the lads down there that fought for the promotion of classifications, 5 members showed and 3 of them from cork

1 champion Niall Mehan my apologies Niall for not adding your points,
4 novices and again sorry ray power,the other 3 novices were

Noel Hilliard. 10---6---8---0---5---7---+4-=40
Noel horan. 10---9---2---0---0---0---+4-=25
Mick Burke. 10---2---4---0---0---0---+4-=20

With our last show for club points being in 2 weeks it would be nice to see a push with members and commitey members to get there birds out there

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