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A look ahead 2015

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A look ahead 2015 Empty A look ahead 2015

Post  hillie on Thu Mar 05 2015, 18:29

After a very successful 2015 AGM and nice to see some new faces at the meeting, it would seem the club is going from strength to strength, with all holding the club in high regard.
A lot of issues if they can be called that were sorted and the club will be adding to our ever growing  awards, we shall be having our first CYOB ( ECCC club ring only) patorial trophy sponserd by Robbie Mitchell ( 1 pair of curent year birds to be auctioned) details of this to be announced at a later date.
It was also suggested that a number of birds be donated to the club (CYOB) so hoping everyone has a good season we are hoping to have 6 pairs  of birds both lipochrome and melanins for auction at our show this year, details of this will also be announced at a later date. ( please note all birds will be pairs and 2015 birds)
Our junior section is on the increase yet again and with the new ruling protecting them, regardless of household or other breeders in that house they shall stay a junior, untill the coming of age or if the move up themselves.
The points system will be in full swing again this year after much debate, more support is and was asked for by the members of those clubs that showed up at the AGM, we also have Waterford CBS coming on board this year, so for those that were giving out about our show season being to short I'll be seeing you in Waterford.
We shall be looking for some new faces to take on some of the duties at our show this year and all members will be given the oppertunity to attend in the afternoon after judging on the Saturday, and have any questions or queries they are unsure about answered  as both judges will be available to assist you, this should be used to your full advantage.

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