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    Mosaic clear Reds

    Red devil

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    Mosaic clear Reds

    Post  Red devil on Fri Oct 05 2012, 08:48

    Looking good Robbie they look as tho they have quite a good Mosaic pattern aswell.

    Robby Mitchell

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    Re: Mosaic clear Reds

    Post  Robby Mitchell on Fri Oct 05 2012, 20:50

    yeah the only thing i can say is i think i have improved on last year but these birds are hard to get right for the show bench.

    Robby Mitchell Treasurer E.C.C.C.

    Richard E

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    Re: Mosaic clear Reds

    Post  Richard E on Fri Oct 05 2012, 21:07

    Very good Robbie , bird in the fist picture looks to have a loverly crisp line on the top of the head , gives good definition between red and white , the neater the better .
    Breeders Group

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    Re: Mosaic clear Reds

    Post  geordie on Fri Oct 05 2012, 22:10

    They look fantastic robby, well done to you mate

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    Re: Mosaic clear Reds

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